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Rosendale Celebrates Defeat of Anti-Life Legislation

Washington, DC-- After the defeat of a bipartisan bill that would have facilitated federal payments for abortifacients, as well as other contraceptive drugs, Rep. Rosendale released the following statement:

“Our core values as a party are the protection of life.  I’m not in the business of cutting deals on this issue, period.  I wish all of my colleagues in the Republican Party felt the same way.  I’m proud to have fought against this bill from its beginning, and want to thank those who fought against it with me--the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Rep. Roy, Rep. Banks, and many others.”  

Rep. Rosendale opposed a bipartisan effort in the VA Committee to pass the bill, and eventually his position was adopted by a majority of Republicans on the Committee after he insisted on a roll-call vote.  He then sent out multiple memos on this issue to help educate the Conference.  He also went to the floor on June 15, and ensured that the bill would receive a recorded vote.  At the final vote, 188 Republicans voted no on the bill.