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Rosendale Urges Daines, Tester to Oppose Senate Reconciliation Bill

Washington, D.C. – Today, Representative Matt Rosendale sent a letter to U.S. Senators Steve Daines and John Tester, urging them to vote against the tax and reconciliation bill. This bill would not solve the inflation crisis, would continue to crush Montana families, and small businesses, recklessly raise taxes during a recession.

“It is simply wrong-headed to raise taxes by hundreds of billions of dollars—including on the middle-class—just as many economists believe our nation has entered a recession,” the letter states. “The nonpartisan Tax Foundation recently concluded that the tax and spending bill soon before the Senate will kill 30,000 American jobs and cause wages to decline. I believe elected leaders who support this legislation are out-of-touch with the challenge facing middle-class Montanans and fail to recognize that the bill would only increase the hardships they face.

“This bill targets natural resources that support thousands of Montana jobs and rural communities. The measure increases costs for oil and natural gas producers who operate on the federal lands and imposes taxes on coal producers. As gas prices continue to soar, we should be doing everything possible to unleash American energy production and reduce dependency on foreign sources, and this bill does just the opposite. Supporters of the bill contend that they will vote for much-needed permitting reforms down the road…I respectfully urge both of you to vote NO on the partisan tax and spending bill before the Senate, and to instead seek bipartisan initiatives that would actually combat inflation, keep hard-earned money in the podcasts of Montanans, and protect our way of life.”