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Rep. Rosendale Exposes Biden Administration's COVID-19 Hypocrisy

Washington, D.C. -- On Monday, Representatives Matt Rosendale, House Judiciary Ranking Member Jim Jordan, and House Judiciary Immigration Subcommittee Ranking Member Tom McClintock sent a letter to Mr. Michael Smith, the Executive Director of the Holding Institute Community Center in Laredo, Texas, expressing their concerns about a frontline whistleblower, who informed Representative Rosendale and the Committee, that the Department of Homeland Security is ignoring COVID-19 protocols for those who have illegally crossed over our southern border. 

“The whistleblower explained that when Border Patrol turns the aliens over to your organization, your organization tests each one for COVID-19 and that many aliens have tested positive,” the letter states. “Although the whistleblower could not be sure whether the COVID-19 positive aliens are properly quarantined, the whistleblower believed that the sheer volume of illegal aliens and the tight timeline for resettlement made proper quarantining impossible.”

The letter goes on to request the following information from Mr. Smith:

  1. The total number of aliens released to his organization by Customs and Border Protection since January 20, 2021;

  2. The total number of aliens released to your organization by Customs and Border Protection who were tested by your organization for COVID-19 since January 20, 2021;

  3. The total number of those aliens who tested positive for COVID-19 since January 20, 2021. 

“The Biden administration’s dereliction of duty to protect the American people from a deadly virus is unacceptable,” Representative Rosendale said. “While many areas across the nation have returned to unscientific mask mandates, hundreds - potentially thousands - of illegal aliens with the virus are entering our country without properly quarantining. Americans are being forced to follow unconstitutional mandates while illegal aliens are getting a free pass. The Biden administration is treading on treasonous ground with these actions, and it is appalling that they are prioritizing illegal aliens over the American people.”