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Service Academy Nominations

I hold United States Service Members in the highest regard. I have the privilege of serving on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee where I work on ensuring our nation's heroes have access to the resources they deserve. I consider it an honor to have the opportunity to nominate ambitious young Montanans to compete for an appointment to the United States Service Academy. 

Our service academies are prestigious institutions; being afforded the opportunity to attend one is a distinct honor. As Montana’s representative in Congress, I have the privilege of assisting in this process by nominating our most qualified applicants. 

The honor of attending a service academy comes with the commitment to serve in the military for a minimum of five years upon graduation.

Each member may nominate up to ten individuals for each vacant academy slot allotted to our district. To request a Military Academy Nomination from our office, please complete the form below. Best wishes to you as you pursue your goal of attending one of the U.S. Service Academies and serving our country.

Application Instructions

To help the Board with their selection process, Candidates will need to send their completed packet to:

Attn: Kelly Cotton
7 W. 6th Ave. Suite 3B
Helena, MT 59601

Please be sure to include the following materials:

  • 2024 U.S. Service Academy Nomination Application (available below)
  • Signed cover letter
  • Recent wallet-size photo of yourself
  • Resume with the following headings: Non-athletic Activities to include volunteer services, Athletic Activities, Awards & Honors, and Employment History (include leadership positions in each category)
  • Official copy of high school transcripts
  • Official copy of college transcripts (if applicable), include current course schedule
  • Two letters of recommendation, which are no longer than one page.
  • Copy of SAT or ACT test scores taken after February 2024

MILITARY DEPENDENTS not living in Montana must provide proof of Montana residency and your military parent’s current rank.

Application Deadline

Applications will be accepted April 1, 2024 – November 1, 2024. Your completed application must be mailed to my Helena office no later than November 1, 2024.


To apply for a nomination from Representative Rosendale, applicants must be:

  • an unmarried citizen of the United States with no dependents;
  • at least 17 years old but not past their 23rd birthday on the first of July of the year they wish to be admitted; and
  • a permanent resident of Montana. (Note: Regulations of the Service Academies require nominees to be permanent residents of and domiciled in the state of the nominating Congressman.)

If you are not eligible this year you can check out the Service Academy’s Summer Sessions at the links below:

Choosing an Academy 

Before asking for a nomination from me, you will need to know which academy you want to apply for. A nomination is only one part of the application; you will also need to fill out the application for the appropriate academy prior to your interview with the Service Academy Board in December.

For more information on each academy, please visit the following links:

* A congressional nomination is not needed for admittance into the US Coast Guard Academy. You are required to apply directly with Coast Guard Academy.