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Statement From Representative Rosendale On Election Certification

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Today Representative Rosendale released the following statement
Washington, D.C. -- Today Representative Rosendale released the following statement:

“I will be voting to oppose the certification of the presidential electors from certain disputed states. Democrats have done the same in every presidential election since 2000 that has been won by a Republican.

It is clear that there are widespread, credible allegations of fraud and irregularities in many states, and that these allegations have endangered the American people’s faith in our electoral process. I support the effort to create an Electoral Commission to conduct a 10-day audit of election returns. This is a logical step to help restore faith in the results of this election and one that has historical precedent dating back to 1877.

All Americans have the right to a fair, secure election, and should be confident that the process ensures all legitimate ballots are counted, and all fraudulent ballots are rejected. It’s sad that Democrats and their lackeys in the media are so blinded by partisan hatred for President Trump that they’re unable to live up to the precedent they have set and take appropriate action to safeguard our elections.”

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