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Rep. Rosendale Sends Letter Condemning Dept. of Education for Defunding Hunting Safety and Archery at Montana Schools

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Recently, Congressman Matt Rosendale (MT-02) led a letter with Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (CO-03) and Congresswoman Mary Miller (IL-15) to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona condemning the Department of Education’s decision to defund hunting safety and archery programs at Montana schools as part of their so-called Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.

“The Department of Education is deliberately misinterpreting the statute to insinuate that hunting safety and archery courses are dangerous and should not exist in schools,” said Rep. Rosendale. “Teaching hunter safety and archery in schools saves lives, it does not endanger them. There is no excuse for the Department of Education to misinterpret legislation to advance a progressive agenda at the expense of Montanans and their way of life. This provision, or better yet, the whole Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, needs to be repealed. The weaponization of the Department of Education against the American people must end.”

The so-called Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, which Congressman Rosendale strongly opposed at the time, passed during the 117th Congress. The legislation impedes access to Second Amendment rights, incentivizes unconstitutional Red Flag laws, and did nothing to prevent mass shootings or crime. The Department of Education is using provisions in this act to defund important education programs in Montana. This course of action is an intentional misinterpretation of the legislation to further the Biden Administration’s attempt to curb our Second Amendment rights.

Read the full letter to Secretary Cardona here.