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Rep. Rosendale Releases Statement Condemning Misleading Political Tactics

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, Congressman Matt Rosendale (MT-02) released the following statement regarding Speaker McCarthy’s decision to open an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. 

"For several months, there has been overwhelming evidence of corruption from the Biden family and the White House warranting an impeachment inquiry," said Rep. Rosendale. "Yet, as we are three weeks away from the Sept. 30 deadline to fund government, Speaker McCarthy decided to begin this process now."

"Congress has a responsibility to the American people to deliver the 12 appropriations bills to begin reducing spending through an open process. And instead of focusing on that, Speaker McCarthy is shifting our attention to an impeachment inquiry that should have started months ago."

"This is simply a ploy to coerce Members into falsely choosing to either fund Nancy Pelosi’s failed policies and budget with a continuing resolution or proceed with the impeachment inquiry. This is reckless government, and I will not be pressured by such tactics. The American people deserve better!"