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Rep. Rosendale Supports Resolution To Vacate The Office Of The Speaker

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, Congressman Matt Rosendale (MT-02) released the following statement in support of the resolution to vacate the Office of the Speaker.

“This past Congress, House Republicans have worked together to secure several conservative wins for the American people, and I was proud to be part of that process,” said Rep. Rosendale.

“In March, House Republicans did our job when we passed the Lower Energy Costs Act to combat Biden’s war on energy. However, due to failed leadership in the House, this has been sitting in the U.S. Senate. “In April, House Republicans did our job when we passed the Limit Save Grow Act to cut spending by clawing back unspent COVID funds and putting an end to the Left’s Green New Deal Agenda. However, Kevin McCarthy decided to go against the Republican conference by appeasing Democrats with a bill that handed Biden a blank check till 2025. Which is why we saw more Democrats vote for this legislation than Republicans. “In May, House Republicans did our job when we passed the Secure the Border Act of 2023 to secure our nation by ending the invasion taking place at our southern border. Once again, Kevin McCarthy sold us short, by failing to negotiate with the Senate.   “In July, House Republicans did our job when we passed the National Defense Authorization Act to ensure our military is the most effective fighting force on Earth. Not only did we give our troops the largest basic pay increase in 20 years, but we also put a stop to their social experiment being inflicted on our servicemen and women. Instead of negotiating with the Senate to support our troops, McCarthy has been sitting idly. “Speaker McCarthy’s absolute failure in leadership was demonstrated most recently by his unwillingness to bring forward the appropriations bills. Statute requires that the appropriations bills be completed by June 30th, and the House Appropriations Committee did their job. However, whether it was out of negligence or malice, Speaker McCarthy failed to do his. A few of my colleagues and I had to force him to bring several of them forward, and once again, House Republicans did our job by cutting spending and passing them, accounting for 90% of funding for the federal government when combined with mandatory spending. “However, instead of putting pressure on the Senate, Kevin McCarthy sold every American short when he brought forward a clean continuing resolution and suspended the rules of the House to pass a bill to continue Nancy Pelosi’s budget and Joe Biden’s policies. Which is why every single Democrat in the House, but one, supported the measure. Now, we are told that Speaker McCarthy has negotiated, in secret, with President Biden to provide additional funding for Ukraine, violating the trust and wishes of the Conference and most Americans.  “Our country is facing $33 trillion of debt. Our border is facing an unprecedented invasion. And instead of being energy dominant, we are now energy reliant. The House of Representatives and the American people deserve a leader who can challenge the status quo and put an end to this ruin. “I have kept my promise to the people of Montana by voting to make us energy-dominant again, secure our border, cut spending, and to put an end to the social experiment being inflicted on our military. Unfortunately, Kevin McCarthy violated his promise to the American people and the Republican Conference by working against them repeatedly and supporting ploys to aid the Left. This demonstration of failed leadership is exactly why I plan on supporting the motion to vacate this afternoon. “During this time, I will continue my work to develop the appropriations bills to ensure we fund government transparently and responsibly before the November funding deadline."