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ICYMI: Rep. Rosendale Joins the Bottom Line on Fox Business

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Matt Rosendale (MT-02) joined The Bottom Line on Fox Business this week to expose the failures of green energy. The interview came after Rep. Rosendale posted a video on social media of him at a wind farm in Judith Gap, MT and every single windmill was halted due to the blistering -30 degree temperature.

You can view the interview by clicking on the picture below:

Rep. Rosendale said of reliance on green energy:

"We saw this a couple of years ago when a cold front snapped down from the Arctic, it plunged all the way down to Texas. They had broken pipes, and homes got destroyed, and the power grid nearly collapsed because wind energy ceased to operate from the Canadian border all the way to Texas. They actually started having rolling blackouts across the nation with the electric co-ops, I was contacted by several of them, because they have agreements put in place. Well, I’ll tell you, a rolling blackout in San Diego or Los Angeles in August is uncomfortable. A rolling blackout in Montana in January or February is deadly.”

Rep. Rosendale said on the need for fossil fuels:

“Anytime that the power companies make an estimate of what they're going to be able to provide in the form of renewable energy, they have to have back up. The wind farms that I look at, the most efficient ones, operate at 40% full capacity. Look, you only need a four function calculator to tell you that nearly 60% of the time they're not going be at full capacity, you have to have something else there, and coal is very reliable it's very efficient and that is the way to go. Natural gas doesn't quite have the BTUs but they can ramp it up faster and back it back down easier. So, that's a little bit easier to manage, but these renewables, I'm telling you, what they are is a great big boondoggle for the Democrat party, and their friends, and the people that have embraced climate change to make a lot of money at the taxpayers’ expense.”