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Rep. Rosendale Introduces the Halt The Invasion Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, Congressman Matt Rosendale (MT-02) and Congressman Brian Babin (TX-36) introduced the Halt the Invasion Act  which will stop the federal government from interfering with the State of Texas’ border control measures in Eagle Pass, unless Texas consents to the federal governments’ actions. “Joe Biden and the D.C. Cartel have deliberately surrendered our border to terrorists, human traffickers, and gang members. They then left states with no option but to defend themselves,” said Rep. Rosendale. “Mine and Rep. Babin’s new legislation will give Texas the resources it needs to fight the two-front battle against relentless border traffic and Mayorkas doing everything in his power to keep the migrant flood gates open.” “The Lone Star State will not stand by and watch as President Biden usurps state authority and continues exacerbating the ongoing border invasion, threatening the lives of Texans and Americans,” said Congressman Brian Babin, House Border Security Caucus Co-Chair. “The White House has no authority to use taxpayer dollars to derail the state’s constitutional right – and sacred duty – to protect Texans. Biden is failing the American people with his actions at Shelby Park in Eagle Pass – we must support Texas as it defends the constitution and enforces the law.”

The bill will:

  • Codify Texas’ authority to secure the border.

  • Defund any action from the federal government from interfering with or regaining control of Shelby Park until the State of Texas consents.

  • Reimburse the State of Texas for the costs of securing Shelby Park as long as the costs of controlling the park do not exceed what it had cost the federal government to maintain operations in Shelby Park.

  • Asks the State of Texas to provide data on illegal immigrant arrests, drug seizures, and other data (information Texas already provides to the general public), in exchange for the provisions of this bill to continue until Texas ceases to provide this information.