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Rep. Rosendale Joins Republican Colleagues in Demanding Continuation of LNG Export Permits

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Matt Rosendale (MT-02) joined his Republican colleagues in sending a letter to Biden regarding the announcement that the Department of Energy (DOE) will stop issuing permits indefinitely to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) while the administration conducts an additional “public interest” review, including environmental, economic, and environmental justice criteria. This decision is dangerous and unnecessary from an economic and strategic standpoint with the United States having become the world's largest LNG exporter in 2023 by exporting 86 million tons of LNG. LNG is vital to Montana as it provides cheap and clean energy, jobs, and economic stimulation through the production of 70 million cubic feet of LNG annually. “We must not jeopardize one of our nation's most significant exports and our national security to appease climate extremists,” said Rep. Rosendale.“The D.C. Cartel’s decisions, from the cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline to the reluctance to issue onshore oil and gas leases, to this indefinite pause in issuing LNG permits, highlight my intense concerns about prioritizing harmful Radical Leftist goals over American prosperity. Access to LNG is not only important to the Treasure State economy but also to Montanans who rely on it to keep the heat on in the winter. Biden must reverse this decision immediately.”