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Rep. Rosendale Critiques Biden’s Failed Energy Policies in House Natural Resources Subcommittee Hearing

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, Congressman Matt Rosendale (MT-02) attended the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources hearing titled: “Assessing Domestic Offshore Energy Reserves & Ensuring U.S. Energy Dominance.” During the hearing, Rep. Rosendale critiqued and questioned climate activists.

You can watch his full statement and questioning by clicking the image below:

“Our country's energy producers continue to face attacks from every federal regulatory angle. However, despite President Biden and the radical left's continued desire to move away from traditional fuel sources, our nation's power grids still rely heavily upon these baseload energy sources. For example, the model leftist state of California meets nearly 60% of its electrical demand through natural gas due to the inconsistency of their favored alternative sources like solar and wind. More than 80% of today's energy use in the US comes from oil and gas, even as the climate zealots do everything in their power to move our country to 100% renewables. Offshore production is critical to the necessary "all of the above" approach to energy and a strong American future.

“Offshore production helps ensure that our country does not eventually become utterly reliant on foreign and adversarial sources of energy to help meet our rising electrical grid demands. Under President Trump, this country achieved energy independence and dominance. To see this administration not walk back but run back the great work that President Trump and his administration had done on the energy front over these past three years has been painful to watch, not only for the effects it has had on the nation but the effects it has had right in my backyard with the cancelation of the Keystone Pipeline and the continued war on coal production.

“We need to open back up these offshore leases and start producing all we can here in America again. We must not rely on foreign adversaries for energy, and we can no longer hamper our important LNG exports, allowing these adversaries to increase their global influence. This administration needs to start getting serious about producing here, producing for the American people, and producing for our economic and national security.

“Furthermore, refusing to take advantage of our country's vast offshore reserves puts increased pressure on the interior to produce. Yet, Montana is also struggling to get the necessary leases—and not for lack of trying. This all-out assault on oil & gas and other traditional baseload energy sources must stop. We as a government need to focus on putting our citizens' energy needs first rather than placating radical climate activists.”