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ICYMI: A Northern Juxtaposition to the Southern Border

Washington, DC -- Last week, Representative Rosendale traveled to the Northern Border to visit with U.S. Border Patrol, Customs and Border Protection, and local stake holders to see how the Biden Administrations policies are impacting the people of Montana. 

One of the most pressing issues that Representative Rosendale wanted to tackle head on is how the Southern Border Crisis is impacting the Northern Border. Although the Southern Border is over a thousand miles away from a place like Havre, Montana the impact of the crisis is being felt. In late March, it was reported that the Biden Administration was considering flying migrants from the Southern Border to the Northern Border for processing. 

Meeting with Border Patrol Havre Sector, Representative Rosendale brought this report up, and although there is no current plan to send migrants to Montana, the Biden Administration is sending migrants to another Northern Border state, Michigan.  If such an act were taken in Montana, it would quickly overwhelm local resources. 

Despite this, Border Patrol in the north is seeing resources being allocated to the Southern Border. In an area that is already stretched thin due to remoteness and vastness of area to patrol, agents are being taken off of the Northern Border to remotely process illegal aliens who are coming across the Southern Border. A deepening Biden border crisis could end up compromising our national security in states along our Northern Border if it is not stopped.

Representative Rosendale also visited two ports of entry while on the Northern Border. While the Biden Administration has effectively flung open the Southern border with little-to-no vetting of illegal aliens or public health safety protocols, the Northern Border remains closed. March 21st marked the one-year mark of this closure, and as of now the border will be closed until  at  least April 21st. 

Representative Rosendale left the Northern Border disappointed that the Biden administration is not pushing harder to re-open the border and put pressure on the Canadian government. Not only is there a financial impact, with one border town seeing over half a dozen businesses closing, but there is a real human cost. For over a year, families that span across the border have been unable to attend weddings, funerals, or births. This has led to families having to have weddings on the international boundary. While land travel is banned, the wealthy are able to bypass this ban by flying over the border.