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Rosendale Votes Against Democrats’ Irresponsible “Infrastructure” Bill

Washington, D.C. -- Today, Representative Rosendale released a statement regarding his opposition to a $1.2 trillion spending package passed under the guise of an “infrastructure” bill.

Representative Rosendale recognizes the need for infrastructure improvements in the United States--especially in rural communities. However, this legislation is chock-full of liberal priorities with just a portion spent on hard infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, and critical water systems.

This bill is a trojan horse filled with billions of dollars to fund Green New Deal priorities, push the Left’s social justice agenda, and invade Americans' privacy. 

We’ve seen the impact of inflation as the prices of gas, food, and everything in between skyrocket due to the Biden administration's inordinate spending. Passing this legislation, which Democratic leaders have tied to their $1.75 trillion reconciliation package, will increase taxes, place a massive debt burden on generations of American families, and increase the inflation surge that is already crushing millions of hard-working Americans. 

“It is irresponsible for Congress to force the American taxpayer to fund an infrastructure bill that barely touches on infrastructure,” Representative Rosendale said. “A country cannot tax and spend its way into prosperity. This bill will add to our spiraling national debt and burden Americans with the crippling impacts of the Left’s inflationary policy.”